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Looking Back: The Top 6 Trends for 2012

It’s the New Year, so let’s indulge in a bit of mocking 20-20 hindsight and look at top six trends prediction this time last year by Chicago Ad giant Leo Burnett.[1]

  1. We’re Depressed: the most troubling trend has been the evaporation of optimism & fairness felt by a majority of Americans, coupled with a huge increase in feelings of inequality, especially among those with lower incomes;
  2. The American Family is Changing: With 40% of children born to single mothers, the implication is that brands need to take into account the changing face of the American family when marketing products;
  3. New/No Masculinity: Surveys show 77% men are OK with their wives out-earning them, and 72% are willing to stay home with the kids. Traditional images of masculinity are out the window, with Dove for Men a success;
  4. We’re Shockingly Self-Deceived: While 47% of Americans want restaurants to offer healthier fare, only 23% order it. We’re fat, so clothing manufacturers have quietly increased the size of size items so no one feels bad going from a size 10 to a 14.
  5. Let’s Make a Deal: Groupon and Living Social have habituated us to getting bargains, much as Christmas shoppers expect discounts (and stores oblige them by artificially marking things up, then making a display of lowering the inflated prices). Marketers will need to target deals through customer loyalty programs that identify the heavy users and don’t indiscriminately give away value;
  6. Unfortunately, Social Media is Here to Stay:An additional 20MM smartphone users will come online this year, forcing marketers to clear the clutter with offers & apps that resonate with consumers.
How many did you correctly pick?

[1] “HumanKind 2012: The Transformation of Aspiration.”

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